Psychological Solutions for Organisations


NPS can help organisations in many ways.


We are able to provide services to private medical insurance companies, psychological rehabillitation services and post trauma care services.


Training packages in stress management can help support your workforce - increasing their wellbeing and productivity.


Organisational change can be a stressful experience for people in organisations. Psychological support can support this process and promote a healthy outcome.


Employee Assistance Programmes:

Some organisations have invested in staff by providing access to psychologcial therapy and support for staff who may have experienced a difficulty within work or who have personal problems outside of the work enviroment.


NPS are pleased to be able to offer such programmes in association with one of our partners ThoughtSpace. ThoughtSpace have provided such packages to customers such as the NHS and private healthcare businesses.


NPS Clinical Psychologists are also available individually to provide services via other EAP providers seeking Northamptonshire based practitioners.


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